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Locksmith Parnell – Found yourself locked out of your car? Locked out of your house? Faaa! No problem for us!

Locksmith Parnell
Locksmith Parnell

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We will get you back in so you can get back to your day, right away!

Locksmith Parnell Provides:

Emergency Car Unlock Service 09-887-3177

All of our locksmiths have their vans stocked with all the tools they would need to service any vehicle from your common commuter car through to any luxury models you can throw at them. We are even able to open semi- trucks and R.V.’s!

We strive to give you excellent customer service and so have earned a reputation for a fast response time to your emergency calls in Auckland.

24 Hour House Lockout

Have you paid particular attention to the news lately? Unfortunately, break-ins and home invasions have happened and crime is on the rise in Auckland!

Regrettably, thieves with bump keys can break in fairly easily and surprisingly quietly, leaving you and your loved ones unprotected.

You have many options if you want to improve the quality of the locks you have. First of all, we could come in and do a free home security estimate entitling you to a 10% discount with us. We could come in and replace your old lock cylinders with new and improved ones which