Tips To Secure Your Home​

keeping your home secure is a main goal of every person who owns a house. therefor you must know all the tips to secure your home properly.

Police Analytics - 48,194 burglary's in 2018

New Zealand police department has showed that burglary rates have actually gone down these last 12 months.

But sadly to say even after going down by 9% they still  remain at a high score. At a shocking 48,194 witch is about one burglary for every 100 people.

We have gathered tips to secure your home, to make sure you clear your self from being part of these statistics.

don't reveal sensitive information

Most burgles don’t just randomly choose a house to rob. They don’t look for just a few IPhones and a flat screen.
Usually its highly professional burgles that mark relevant houses, and watch your house for weeks .Moreover what it your schedule and make sure every thing is all planned to the tea.

At this stage it all comes down to their motivations to rob you. That motivation will usually spark from information they picked up while overhearing a conversation.
It could be about planing a family vacation, bragging about a expensive jewelry , car or any other valuable.

Guide you children not to brag about your perches and belongings. Try not to mention your whereabouts. This information can reach the wrong people and you might be facing an unfortunate situation.

tips to secure your home

Try to avoid usless social media posts

We all like bragging about our amazing vacations on social media. Some of us wont be shy even to post pictures with expensive jewelry.

Sadly all those pictures don’t only wound up viewed by your friends. It could be viewed by any stranger the wishes to see them.
Even if you make your account as private, u are still posting to hundreds of people you don’t know.

A better option will be to post the album when you land and not directly from you vacation. It is more secure and there is a great option of uploading you photos with music !

Security Upgrade

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For more articles, tune in every month and we will share more tips to avoid burglaries