Stay safe with Locksmith Auckland during COVID19

As a result of the spreading of COVID19 in many countries, many people are scared to get infected. Therefore, at times like this, many people prefer to fix the problem by themselves and not to order a locksmith service. Moreover,  the main reason for peoples fear and concern is because a person can carry the virus with him and doesn’t even know or show any symptoms. Locksmith Auckland is here to keep you safe during these times.

Although our technicians are in contact with many customers, we guarantee that they’re fully protected and safe. We assure you that you have nothing to worry about when using our service. We take all the necessary actions and follow all the rules so we can keep you safe. Also, we always check our technicians in order to make sure they don’t have any symptoms.

Lock Change

Furthermore, we at Locksmith Auckland remain available at all times, in order to help you. Even though the covid19 is still spreading, we do our best to keep you safe and help you 24/7, in any lock problem you struggle with. We deal with all kinds of problems, starting  from unlocking houses and cars, repairing any lock and changing locks. Also, our prices stay the same and the cheapest you can find.

How does Locksmith Auckland keep you safe?

wearing protective equipment

Our technicians are very cautious. Meaning, they are wearing masks and gloves, during the entire work. In addition, they are making sure to use hand sanitizer before every job they do and after it. 

Cleaning and disinfecting 

Because we disinfect our tools and equipment before every job and after it, you can relax and trust us. In addition, you can ask the technician to disinfect the area he worked in. We know how much it’s important for you to feel safe, so we do our best to make sure everything is according to the rules.

So, to sum up, we highly recommend you to order our locksmith service,

whenever you have a lock problem. We will do our best to keep you safe at all times!

you can contact us on the number 09-222-1566