Tips To Secure Your Home Part 2

This month we start with new tips on how to secure you house. Making sure your house is secure is highly important. It will not only protect you but also your family and your belongings.

Police Analytics - 48,194 burglary's in 2018

Police have stated that most burglaries have a few common components.

First of all it is likely a burglary will strike in the following days , Saturday followed by Sunday, Friday and Monday.

In addition Most burglary’s happen at 2Pm. but the range starts from as early as 11Am to about 4PM.

Lastly the area that most burgles strike is reported to be Counties maukau, followed closely by Auckland City and Canterbury.

don't leave valuables at home

In theory we all understand the logic. But when it comes to the the moment of truth we all make the same mistake. jewellery must be in a vault in the bank, large amounts of money must also be locked up in your bank account. Don’t do the mistake of leaving it at a hid out that you might think nobody will think of. it just highers your rick of loosing it all.

In addition when you are in a public location and you have a large sum of money on you don’t take out the hole amount and flash to the eyes of everybody.

try reaching for the exact amount that you need or maybe have a pocket for putting a certain amount for what every you need. There are eyes everywhere and you must be careful.

Tips To Secure Your Home Part 2

Leave the Light When you leave

There has bean a research conducted in prisons that went through prisoners and asked them what a house keeper must do to prevent a burglary from happen.

Most commonly prisoners stated that a house that has the lights on will be one to avoid. The light indicate the slight risk of someone being home witch is already to much of a risk for things to go wrong. keep in mind that, that factor by it self can save you from a very uncomfortable situation to say the least.

In addition, a car in the drive way it was also one of the upbringings of a burglary. That being said not every one has a car lying around to scare thief’s away. Therefor we would advise you to at least park your car when you can as closest to the as possible.

Security Upgrade

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For more articles, tune in every month and we will share more tips to avoid burglaries