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Here are some of the services we, at Locksmith Glen Eden offer:

24 Hour Emergency Lockout Service – 09-222-1566

It is universally known that after acquiring your new home, that you should change all the locks.

Therefore changing the locks or having the old locks re-keyed (another economically sound option) so that the old keys become obsolete, are two ways to ensure that only you and your family are the only ones with the keys to your new home.

If there is an interest in upgrading your home security, we offer 3 residential affordable options.

Firstly, in the same way as your current locks, all have cylinders,

we offer a type of residential cylinder lock that is a cannot drill, pick and bump key resistant.

Secondly, there are digital door viewers so that you can see how many people are really behind your door.

And lastly, there is a keyless entry system whereby you would be able to open your door with a secret code or another code sent to you through your smartphone.

Commercial Locksmith Work

Are you in charge of building a new community center? No problem. Just give us a call or better yet, book an appointment with us for after you have gotten all your doors in. Our technicians are orderly and professional. We can take care of all of your locking needs, from mailboxes to filing cabinets, and doors of course!

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