How to prevent a broken key from happening

Sometimes unexpected things occur. Usually, there are things we can prevent from happening. but other times the only thing we can do is to find a professional service to help us out. For example, imagine arriving at your home and the only thing you want to do is rest. But, suddenly the key isn’t turning and you can’t open the door.

Situations like this can happen to everyone and we know how frustrating it can be. Especially because you don’t know what you did wrong. You insert the key and try to unlock the door like always. Only this time – The key got stuck inside or even worse – it got broken in half. Now, not only have you lost access to your home. But you’ll also need to make a new key for your house and find a temporary way to get inside.

what sould you do in case your key break?

In case you’re facing a broken key situation, the best thing to do is to call a professional locksmith service to help you out. We know that today there are many DIY videos where you can learn from how to get the key out yourself and even to open the door. However, it can cause serious damage to the lock if you don’t do it right and use the appropriate tools.

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In addition, we wrote down a few things you can do in order to prevent situations like this from happening.

broken key

Tips on how to avoid a broken key from happening:

  • Be more gentle when you use your keys: you can minimize the chances of getting your key to break by simply using less force when entering the key. Moreover, keep your lock lubricated by using a standard and easy to find spray (WD40 for example). By doing so, the key will go in more smoothly and you won’t have to struggle to enter the key into the lock.
  • Use your key only for the original purpose- to open the door: Using your keys for any action that isn’t locking and unlocking the door (for instance, open a can), will eventually cause serious damage to the key and wicker it.
  • Never force the key to enter: If the key is not entering properly, take it out and check what the problem is. Maybe you’re using the wrong key, or inserting it wrong. Using too much force with your key will most likely lead to its breaking inside.
  • Get your key replaced every couple of years: As a result of being made from a soft metal, the key has shorter durability than what most people will think. So, in order to keep your keys in their best shape, you should change them once in a while. Furthermore, if you notice that the key is starting to bend, have some damage on it, or if it’s starting to crack, replace them immediately! By that, you are making sure that the key won’t get stuck inside!

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