What is an immoblizer?

A person who is looking to have his car keys duplicated often comes across the term “Immobilizer“. The Immobilizer makes you need to duplicate the keys with the immobilizer coding.

The immobilizer was meant to prevent car theft. since 1997 all cars use an immobilizer. Witch is a chip that is installed inside your key. The car itself has a computer built into the car system. It prevents the car from starting unless you  are using the right key.

That system prevents cars from being stolen, Because it is not possible to duplicate a key without the original. to neutralize an immobilizer system you need to put in the code for opening the car.

what is an immobilizer

how dose it work in the car

The Immobilizer is a chip that is mostly made from charcoal. It sits in the head or body of the key.When the car starts it recognizes the chip and is able to start running.

Around the ignition there is a spacial ring that recognizes chips. the chips and the keys are coded especially for the cars computer  with special equipment. a Automotive locksmith or the dealership will have this kind of equipment.

With that system you can duplicate as much keys as you want as a car owner. In the span of the year bunglers come up with new ways to bypass the system. therefore the car company’s make new technology.

how to duplicate a key profssionally

With progress in technology in the field of duplicating immobilizer keys, the terms of coding have been harsh-end. It is possible to code a new key when all are lost. In that way you are deleting all previous keys. 

But it must stay in mind that you can only do it with an online connection to the car producer. in Locksmith Auckland you can duplicate your car keys in a professional manner. we bring the codes from the car company and after getting the code we can producer a spare.

For a professional help with the matter just call now and a locksmith will arrive as soon as possible.