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Locksmith Auckland Transponder Key specializes in all locksmith automotive services.
With years of experience quality experience and our affordable prices, we’re simply the best solution in the city.

lost your car keys with no spare set?

Program car keys for any model of vehicle

Professional service & Affordable prices

When you call Auckland Locksmith Transponder Key service, our expect professional assistance comes to you just moments after you call us.
Locksmiths Auckland is insured and bonded and also include a 90-day guarantee on all parts and labor.
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Electronic Chips / Key Fobs / Remote Keys

First of all, we keep our business professional and quick, and our prices low so you won’t have to look anywhere else.

In addition, we are proud to deliver fast 15-30 minute response time for lockouts, and other emergency requests.

Certified technicians for minor and major requests including, ignition key replacement, re-key unit installations, key-less and remote car keys.

24 Hour Car Keys Made

At Locksmith Auckland City, we are always open for 24-hour emergency auto locksmith requests.

Since we always give honest pricing, excellent value, free estimates, and advice.

Every job we perform is our number one priority. Therefore, we always deliver excellent customer service and work hard to earn your satisfaction.

Quick Response Time

Furthermore, our certified technicians can handle everything from minor and major requests including, ignition key replacement, re-key unit installations, keyless and remote car keys.

Transponder keys – What are they?

First of all, the definition of a transponder in locksmith terms is:  transmitter + responder.

These types of keys have computer chips hiding inside their plastic forepart. When you turn on the

ignition, the vehicle sends a signal to the key as a theft deterrent. The car won’t start unless the chip in

the key sends back the proper response. Consequently, preventing your car from being hot wired! Oh,

yes, and most importantly, we carry them. Contact us today and let us take care of you.