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Lock Change 24 hour is available in Auckland to suit you when you need a locksmith ASAP

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Lock change
24/7 locks replace in Auckland

Locksmith Services we offer:

Emergency front door lock change

If you are locked out of your house any time of the day or night, we have many technicians available and close by, for the fastest response time in Auckland.

Our technicians are experts at unlocking and picking locks in the best way possible to gain you entrance to your home. As well, they will make sure all your locks are in optimal condition and that your property is properly re-secured.

Residential Services – Best Price In Auckland

Maybe your locks are in bad repair or are out-of-date? Lock change to the level of security that you need is the best option for you.

We always carry a wide variety of locks and have many locking solutions to choose from. Our qualified technicians are able to do a lock change for your bedroom, bathroom or even garage doors, on the spot, anytime, to suit your needs and wants.  Always offering you great options at a price that suits your budget and security needs and above all the urgency. Call us now at 09 887-3177.

Quality Service Guaranteed

We take great pride in doing a quality job for you, our valued customers.

You can trust our qualified technicians, to address all of your locksmithing concerns and to secure your home accordingly.

High-Security Locks – 24 Hour Locks Change

high security locks
high security locks

A lock change to Smart locks, for instance, are available as well, on special order. These Smart Locks provide you with a lot more control than ever before. First of all, they can let you know who is coming and going from your place, in your absence. Secondly, you can email limited access digital “keys” to your kids, in-laws, cleaning ladies, etc. when you’re not at home and especially relevant, you can lock and unlock your door remotely or on a timer – you no longer need to worry about if you’ve remembered to lock your door.

Qualified And Licensed Locksmith

Our technicians are happy to advise you on all our locking system options. We take pride in doing a great job of recommending and installing suitable and affordable lock for your residence.

Maybe you want to upgrade your locks to a coded key-less entry, we also install these types of locks. We always recommend the most secure and best key-less entry locks with a manual key entry point.

This helps to avoid house lockout situations when or if the battery dies.

Smart locks are also available on special order and provide key-less coded entry, smartphone entry and also an entry, with a key.

Re-Keying – An Economical Option

Perhaps you have decorative locks to match your decor and they are in good condition, then, re-keying is what we recommend.

This option simply changes the inner cylinder, where a new key is inserted, to accept a different configuration, rendering the old key useless.

Immediate Service – 24/7 Locksmith

This option ensures that you and your family, alone, have the right key to your residence and that any workmen’s, tenant’s or other lost keys will no longer work.

Also, a great option if you’ve just purchased a new home.

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